Literay Devices in "Two Kinds"

Russell David 8/24/12


the story is set in sanfracisco's chinatown, the nieghborhood-with its fascinating mix of restaurants, shops and businesses, religious and cultural institutions.
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jeng-mei  and her mother fight when she realizes that her mother is using her to realizes her mothers hopes and dreams
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(exposition)jeng-mei's mother cleans a house that has a piano and jeng-mei gets to practice (rising action) jeng-mei's mother enters her into a talent show to show off that she is talented (climax) she messes up at the talent show and embarassed her parents infront of her moms friend (resolution) after many years of not talking to each other jeng-mei's mother never talked about what happened at the talent show until her birthday when she offerd to give her the piano
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intrenal conflict

jeng-mei belives that there is a prodigy side of her but is not sure how to express it
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external conflict

jeng-mei's fights with her mother about wanting to be a child prodigy and then she finally snaps and dosent play piano any more