Animal Farm

~Emily Gast~

Napolean ( Character Analysis)

Napolean shows leadership when he makes the most announcements and keeps everybody in line. He could be mean at times, napolean is the "rich one" he gets to sleep in beds, and have ncie clothes, while the other animals have nothing. Also, napolean annoucned that there would be work on sunday afternoons  as well as the work is strictly voluntary. Napolean was known as " as our leader, comrade napolean". The significance of this name was what napolean was reffered to as.

Theme ( The Dangers Of Being Uneducated)

The danger of being uneducated was that napolean would be able to keep lieing to you and you would believe him because you wouldnt know the difference otherwise.

Important events ( The rebellion)

The rebellion was when the animals went against napolean because they werent getting food, when napolean had all this stuff; beds, clothes, food, everything. They wanted an equal share of everything.

Symbols ( 7 commandments)

The commandments were used to keep everybody together. Some of the commandments showed that " two legs good, four legs bad". saying that humans or anything with two legs were enemies. Napolean broke the rules of no drinking. he became drunk, breaking one of the 7 commandments.