Black Beard

Why you should donate money to pull out Black beards ship

What Black Beard has done

  • Black Beard was a fierce pirate that stole ships and gold and other pirate booty.
  • Black beard sailed on queen Anne revenge for most of his life.
  • Black beard was a big scary pirate that can not be killed.
  • He was a big mean pirate that only cares about him self.

The time period Black beard lived in

  • Black beard lived in a cruel, time period where robbing a ship or a house was not illegal.
  • Black beard has done all of this things.

Interesting facts about black beards ship

  • At first Black beard did not own Queen Anne revenge the British did and it wasn't even named Queen Anne revenge.
  • He stole it and named it Queen Anne.
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challenges of pulling Black beards ship out of the ocean

  • It is difficult to pull out black beards ship because the parts on his ship are very fragile and cost lots of money.
  • You could use a object that you can put on the ship that will be gentle with the objects.
  • You have to be very careful with its fragile objects.
  • Hurricanes have scattered all of the ships parts all over the ocean.
  • The archaeologist can find all the parts if they split up to were they think the parts are.
  • Most days conditions are to rough to dive.
  • You can barely see through the water cause it is never clean.

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Jonathan Bird's Blue World: Blackbeard's Shipwreck

Why you should give money to the archaeologist to excavate black beards ship.

  • Black beard was the fiercest pirate for a long time every pirate was afraid of him.
  • It also teaches kids and adults that pirates treasure was not just gold it was ammunition and weapons.
  • So one day if you see black beards ship you can say i helped excavate that ship.