Chapman Charger Staff Update


Week #4!

Happy Sunday!

Hope you enjoyed this weekend! Please read thru carefully! Enjoy the rest of the day!

Groundbreaking Ceremony is Tomorrow! Thank you for all the help of the teachers and staff to get ready for this event. Attached is an agenda for the day and I also included my notes page so you can see my thoughts on the day. Please wear your Count on Me Chapman shirts and send a Remind to your families to have students wear Chapman gear.

A reminder to Second Grade teachers that this is your week for morning duty.

Please schedule goal meetings on the google doc below. Add a line on the appropriate date and add a time. Teachers that need one goal, will need only 10-15 minutes. If you need 3 goals, please schedule more time with me.

NWEA testing should be complete. I know we have some make-up tests to be completed. If possible, try to finish these up by Tuesday morning. Mike is expected to be back in his classroom full time Tuesday afternoon. Work with your team and try to be creative with time.

SIS dates with Shannon are attached below. Please let me know if you can not open the document so I can get you a paper copy. Subs are already scheduled for this professional development.

Just a reminder that we have parents (and students?) in and out of the copy room. There are sometimes confidential documents just laying on the copier or on tables. Please avoid this at all costs. Please try to avoid printing and sending students to the copy room. I know that there are sometimes circumstances when this can not be avoided but please attempt to avoid this process.

Please be aware of any printing to our color printer. There are many documents that accidentally get sent to the wrong printer.

We have our first half day PD this week. Attached is the working agenda along with the specials schedule for Friday. Please see me with any questions :)

Please read this article on successful teams before Friday as we will be participating in an activity related to it.



8:50-9:20- Masland

9:20-9:50- Klotz

9:50-10:20- Petrone

10:20-10:50- Banas

10:50-11:20- Delucia

11:20-11:50- Hickey


8:50-9:15- Reece

9:15-9:40- Phillips

9:40-10:05- Johnson

10:05-10:30- Wolber

10:30-10:55- Wertanen

10:55-11:20- Teets

11:20-11:45- Vercellino

October 1st-5th is Homecoming Week! Here are the tentative Spirit Week themes. I changed only one from the HS:

Monday: Hawaiian Day

Tuesday: Sport Jersey Day

Wednesday: Dynamic Duo Day

Thursday: Crazy Hair Day

Friday: Blue and White

Here is this week's schedule:

Monday 9/24/18:

Groundbreaking 10 AM

All Principal Meeting 1 PM (Leslie at BOE)

Tuesday 9/25/18:

Half day PBIS and lunch monitor training (Petrone and Masland out in AM)

Literacy Coaches meeting with Guizzetti 1 PM

Giorgi Goal Meeting 1:45 PM

Wertanen Goal Meeting 2:00 PM

Grosos Goal Meeting 2:30 PM

Phillips Goal Meeting 4 PM

Wednesday 9/26/18:

Leslie in Lansing (Principal Designee- Reece)

Thursday 9/27/18

Leslie in Lansing (Principal Designee- Gosos)

Friday 9/28/18:

Half Day with Students- PD in the PM

Wear Yellow for Childhood Cancer Awareness

Saturday 9/29/18


See you Tomorrow