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Sept. 14, 2016

The Positive Effects of Teacher Home Visiting

After a three year study of 14 schools engaging in teacher home visits for students, researchers at the California State University at Sacramento (CSUS) found evidence that home visits could increase student performance, jumpstart parent involvement, reduce discipline problems and increase overall positive attitudes toward school. If done correctly, a home visit program can give teachers, parents and students a better opportunity for connection, communication and collaboration.

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A+ student one day a week

Please let me know if you are interested in having an A+ student here on Monday & Friday afternoons for a little over an hour. He is a great guy, so if you can use him, let me know.

Habit of Gratitude

Before you start your day at work and again before you get home at the end of your work day, take a moment to be aware of something good about that part of your day. Choose one simple thing to be thankful for, this will become a habit that in good time will make you happier as you enter each part of your day.
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  • Regarding time off requests, classified staff will still need to request the entire time off. If they request 4 hours and they return after 4 hours plus some, they will need to modify this time off request or work the extra time before the end of the week.

  • Mail procedure instructions and mail supplies are in the File Room.

  • Please notify the office if a Title student is now eligible to receive Special Education services. Please place the Title cumulative file in the brown file

Upcoming Events:

9/15 ECC Home Visits

No School

ECC Home Visits

9/16 No School

ECC Home Visits

9/27 Emergency Response Drill

9/29 MLE Student Pictures

10/3 Love and Logic

10/4 Jill Molli – Head Start

Jill Molli – Parent Event

10/5 Jill Molli - ECC

10/3-10/7 Sped Team Meetings

10/7 10:00 Dr. Benson at ECC

10/7 SafeSchools Videos Due

10/10 Love and Logic

10/11 Sped Team Meetings

10/12 7:30 Head Start Staff Meeting

8:30 ECC Staff Meeting

10/14 No School – Teacher Workday