Upcoming Events!

Tues, Sept. 1 we will have a design firm walking through the buidling for ideas! Why, cause we look good!

Wed. Sept. 2- Principal Meeting, and Team Leader Meeting in the PACE Room at 3:00

Thurs. Sept. 3-Lock Down, Lock Out, Fire Drill AM (prior to Specials beginning at 8:35)


Dr. Binggeli, our new superindent will visit our campus on Friday, September 4 at 7:45.

Spirit Wear is totally appropriate. Just no shorts. He may ask questions and sit in classrooms. It's okay, you guys know stuff!

Mon. Sept. 7-Labor Day (but don't work)

Wed. Sept. 9-Meeting with all Vertical Community Leaders (more info will be sent to U)

Fri. Sept. 11-Teacher Self-Report Due

New Classes-New Faces

Our numbers have continued to grow and with the luck of being Kindergarten and Second grade we are expecting to go from 6 classes to 7. Hopefully we will be able to transition by the end of this week or early next week. Once we know where the reassigned teachers will be coming from I will send out the info. It is hard to be moved, so any reaching out with a welcoming hand will be appreciated by them I'm sure. Then we will take it all back by giving them a class!~

Reaching Out

If you have not made contact with all of your families please do as soon as possible. Some of our parents only see the massive carpool line, or just send their child to a bus each day, we need to be the connection that puts value on their child's education.