Suffering in a Life That You Know Isn't Yours

Your land is plagued by disease, war, and famine- if you have much land at all. But what can you do, stuck where you are? How do you even know there's something better than what you have? This is the life you've known forever; but it just doesn't feel like your life.

Come to Minnesota, Discover Your Real Life!

Where opportunities await people, rich and poor! Where a new life awaits you! Land claims can be made by anybody, and there is much land to be settled on. Minnesota has a growing population, so people everywhere are claiming our twenty million acres of land for their own before you can say "a wise chance to take"!

No more groveling to the wealthy; everybody stands on equal ground in Minnesota.

Educate yourself at our schools, and leave your illness behind as you enter our healthy climate. There's no sickness here! It's peaceful, and our fertile soil grows an abundant variety of foods.

You can transport yourself easily around here- just use an oxcart, canoe, horse-drawn stagecoach, or a train to get anywhere in Minnesota!

Find a new life here- an educated life, a healthy life, a successful life, a good life- your life.

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