The arctic indians

People that lived in arctic (aka inuit people)

The inuit's natural resources.

The inuit's could not grow crops so they mostly fished and hunted for food. they used harpoons and kayaks to hunt seals,walrus and whale.they also hunted caribou.

Capital resources

They made glasses made of bone and there homes were made of snow and ice,they also made spears and fishing nets and fishing rods.snowshoes were very important to them and it makes it easy to walk in snow.

Human resources.

The inuit boys had to hunt with there fathers and the girls learn how to cook with there mothers.Women prepared food,worked on skins and made clothes while men hunted,build homes and fished.

What they ate

The inuit people ate lots of meat and very little vegetables because it was so cold that the food would not grow in that climate.Their Favorite foods of the Inuit include beluga whale, seal, fish, crab, walrus, caribou, moose, duck, quail and geese. In the summer, they incorporate some roots and berries into their meals. Due to the harsh arctic climate, the Inuit eat mostly meat and fish.

there homes

The summer home was a tent made out of caribou or seal skins hung off a frame made of driftwood or whale rib bones. The Inuit lived in igloos in the winter. The igloo was made from hard packed snow. They had knives made of bone, and later, steel, to cut snow blocks. In there winter igloo they started fires and the ice on the walls would smoothen out but its so cold outside that the outside is still hard.

There weapons

They had knives made of bone, and later, steel, to cut.Most harpoon heads were made out of ivory from walrus tusks or whalebone. To catch fish they also used fishing lines, nets, leisters and three-pronged spears. For hunting, the Inuit used spears, bow and arrows, clubs and stone traps. The Inuit used knives for cutting meat, and also snow and ice.