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Weekly Newsletter Vol. 20, Issue 3


Dear Parents,

We wanted to use this edition of the Wildcat Band Newsletter to share some tips and tricks that will hopefully help you and your child be successful with online learning. We gathered a few tips from people who work from home, parents who have kids doing virtual learning, and teachers in order to provide you with some ideas to increase productivity and focus while your child is learning at home. This is our new reality, for the time being. You can expect that, even when we do return for in-person instruction, the online learning platforms and assignments WILL continue to some degree. We hope this can be of use to some of you. 😉


WMS Band Directors

#1 Create a dedicated "School Space"

Whether that is a chair and a desk or the kitchen table, there should be a space where your child goes just to complete school work. A bed or the floor is not conducive to high levels of comfort or concentration. Add items that help foster a school environment such as: pens, pencils, Post-Its, charging devices, and individually wrapped snacks.
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#2 Set "School Bell" Alarms

You can do this using a Google or Alexa home device, or even just your cell phone alarms. This way, your child does not miss their Zoom meetings, lunch, or the end of the school day! This keeps your child on track!
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#3 Make a Daily Schedule

Make a schedule with your child’s Zoom links and class times for them to keep on their device. This way, all of their links are in one place and they do not have to go searching for them when it is time for Zoom learning. Here is an example of a schedule you can use. Click on the link to make a copy and edit! Simply click "File," then "Make A Copy" for your own editable version.


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#4 "Get Ready" for school

Have your child get into a routine of “getting ready” for school every day. Rather than jumping out of bed 10 minutes before their first Zoom meeting, have them wash up, eat breakfast, and put on a t-shirt or outfit they love. This will make them feel refreshed and energized for “school” every morning. Breakfast wakes up their brains for learning, even if it is just a piece of fruit or toast.

#5 Take "Brain Breaks"

If we were in school, your child would have plenty of “brain breaks.” This includes time spent walking to class, talking to a friend, eating lunch, and exercising. Be sure to incorporate these brain breaks throughout the day. Something as simple as a walk around the block or 15 minutes of basketball can help reinvigorate the mind and keep your child going until the end of the day!

#6 Accept your child's Google Classroom Invite!

All parents who listed e-mails on Skyward were invited to their child's Google Classroom page. This will send you summaries of your child's work and grades! If you did not receive an invite, please contact one of the directors.

Assignments Due This Week

Instructions on how to create videos and uploading photos and videos to assignments can be found on the Virtual Learning Resources page of our website by clicking HERE.
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Beginner Band Instrument Selection

Please make sure your child completes this form on Google Classroom so that we may prepare an instrument for you to pick up when the time comes.
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