Pet Rock

This Relationship Will Be 200% Rock Solid

What Is This?

It is an uniquely passionate rock with emotion and holds an authentic connection with their partner. Pet rocks provide multiple purposes and you can do endless things with your pet, for example you can: read, draw, travel, dance, watch T.V., listen to music, etc. with them!

Unlike other pets, it is not necessary to feed or clean up after them, which proves expensive and a hassle. You do not have to worry about them leaving you too, they will always be there where you last saw them.

Why Do You Need This Cutie?

Pet rocks have been used since medieval times, so it will always be used by everyone. They are fun and they are the best things in the world which makes them fun. Everyone wants one because they are extremely popular, since everyone is buying one. Do you want to be known as a loner? Do you want to be known as the one person who does not have a pet rock?

Your rock will never fight with you, abandon you, lie to you, or cheat on you. It will love you and keep all your deep dark secrets. They are extremely supportive of your choices. They know how to listen properly as you vent or tell them an exciting story about your life! Pet rocks want to know all about you as they remain faithful through out your time together.

Fully Customizable!

Pet rocks come in different shapes and sizes, each one is beautiful just like you. They are fully customizable to your liking, be one with them. You will never get bored of it!

But wait - don't just get one, get many more! Give your pet rock friends and family! You can even make a cozy little home for your pet rock.

Reviews From Totally Real People

I am less lonely now! Great listener 11/10! It's just not me in the dining room alone anymore, it's my rock and I! - Bobby Thomas Ruth

Unlike my baby, my pet rock wont break when I drop it! - Samantha Ruiz

It did not criticize my choice in dropping out of college! - Richard Hunter

Here we have Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson admiring his pet rock. Since "The Rock" has a pet rock they must be pretty cool right? Totally!

So make sure you pick up your pet rock today so that you'll fit in and not live all alone for the rest of your live because that is what will happen if you don't buy one!