Science club

Visit us! every tuesday at 8:00 AM in the Media Center

Participate in experiments!!

Currently three are available. The Asch experiment, where you simply tell us your opinion on one or more images. The Milgram experiment, where you zap rats in the name of science. And the Zimbardo experiment, where you can participate in a mock prison set up.

Not your average club!

No need to conform to the standards of a regular science class. In this club, every aspect of science is tested. Where the only authority you need to report to is our hands-on teacher Mr. Vernon, who tries to stay out of the way as much as possible to give young scientists freedom to grow. However, with the given freedom, some obedience is expected.

Get rid of group think! Think for yourself! Express your ideas and thoughts!

These are not welcome....

If your self-serving bias is prepared to take credit for positive results, but runs away from negative results this isn't the club for you. If you are prepared to create a group polarization and disturb the validity of our experiments, not the club for you. And lastly, if you have a tendency to lean towards the fundamental attribution theory, and base your results on bias and disposition, this isn't the club for you. All else is welcome, so long as its positive!

Please give us a try!

Tons of fun and endless experiments! joining the science club is an experience you wont regret!