The History Of Writing

Stone age writing to Present day writing

Evidence and types

4100-3800- symbols inscribed on clay to represent cattle/land/grain

Crystallization of the Sumerian culture- Uruk in Mesopotamia

Pictographs- representing a certain graph or meaning


Picture writing had developed in Egypt near the end of the 4th millennium

Early Europeans used to write on Clay tablets as early as 1500 BC

People wrote with....

Tablets were made from clay and allowed to dry in the sun. They were brittle and easily destroyed

Logogram- written character which represents a word .. Used to write Chinese characters and Mayan

Syllabary- set of written symbols that represent syllables

Alphabet- set of symbols which represent a phoneme of the language

Stone tablets, clay tablets, bamboo slats, wax tables, vellu, parchment, paper

Mesopotamia The Development of Written Language