Death sentence

Kevin Dages


Alex wanted to escape from furnace but this is the second time he has tries to escape his punishment will be worse this time. But when he is caught he is brought into the inmfirmry and gets turned into a super human. When all if his surgerys were all done he used his new muscles to break his way free but he didn't make it with the prison being under ground . Then he goes into the control room and unlocks all the cell doors to the in mates and causes a riots. Alex is getting weaker without getting his daily nectar. He still has to fight it out with the guards and warden. Will Alex and his people make it to the surface or will they catch him and kill them? Read the boom to find out


Alex said " never give up without trying first" the overall theme of this book is to never give up since Alex never gave up he escaped two times from furnace.

Alex (main Character)

Alex is a small weak kid but very smart he has escaped from furnace twice and working on a third. Alex gets caught and gets turned into a black suit which is a super human. he still looks like himself but with more muscle.

Zee (character)

Zee is a slim and is very pale, he is very good with electronics he is later used in the book to help escape with his skills with electronics. Zee and alex are bestfriends they where brought to furnace on the same day.

descripstion of setting

furnace is not the best place to live. some of those reasons are their is no ventilation system so its very hot and hard to breath, there is so many bad and mean people who hurt you for no reason just to laugh,there is hard labor everyday, and its very easy to die. It is an underground prison making it really hard to escape only way in and out. Furnace is one of the worst places ever to live.
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About the author

Alexander Gordon Smith was born in Norwich Untied Kingdom. he went to the university of east Anglia, it was also in Norwich he studied English and American literature. Alex is now a successful author with the escape from furnace series, but he loves to make children books and TV shows. he is so dedicated to helping young people read and write he has a program that takes kids and helps them read and write.


Alex is caught by the warden when trying to escape he is then turned into a black suit and cant remember who he is. he try to kill his friend zee because he is under control of the warden. zee reminds Alex about who he is and then Alex and zee escape from the warden they then fined Simon. They know the only way out is the elevator put they cant make it to it without being seen so they find the control room and free the inmates. The resolution is they find a way to get to the elevator they get out but do they get caught outside of furnace or not find out and read more.


" Never give up" Said by Alex

"Don't ever forget your name or you will be lost" said by Monty

"When you're locked up in here for life, you learn to welcome the little freedoms." said by Donavon