Daniel's Story

A boy named, Daniel & telling about his Holocaust experience

"I feel the need to look at my pictures, pictures of my life. Perhaps they can help me understand how I came to be on this train, who I am, and what has happened."~ Daniel

External Conflict

An external conflict would be when the German boys beat up Daniel and Peter when they got off the train at the train station. The results from this being were Peter died and Daniel realized that the Germans would still have hatred toward the Jews even thought they were free.

Internal Conflict

A moment when there was internal conflict was when Daniel thought about either jumping into the fire with the other Jews who were burning or listen to his father and not jump into the fire and risk both of their lives.

"We will name our children after those murdered and we will go to Palestine and help build a country. We will dedicate our lives to making sure this can never, ever happen again." ~Rosa

"We are alive. We are humans, with good and bad in us. That's all we know for sure. We can't create a new species or a new world. That's been done. Now we have to live within the boundaries."


Hans was Daniel's best friend, before Hans was taught to hate Jews. They didn't hang out anymore and Hans started fights in the schoolyard, once Hitler came to power.

"I look at the next picture in my head. It is of an American soldier, white teeth gleaming, smiling into the camera. The night of our uprising, Father and slept in the hospital complex. There was such cheering and clapping and yelling and celebrating-to everyone in the camp and to me, the Americans were the most beautiful sight in the world."~Daniel's Story

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Setting in Europe 1930's- 40's

He lived in Frankfurt, Germany, then was sent to Lodz, Poland, then he was sent Auschwitz, Poland, and then ended up in Buchenwald, Germany, before Allied troops got to the camp.

"Just thinking about Mr. Schneider gets me mad allover again. "Jews," he cried in his thrill voice, " are not our equals. They never were. They bribed their way into positions of power. They tried to take over our country. We must all thank God that he Adolf Hitler to us, for only he has had the courage to deal with this Jewish problem. Now Jews are no longer citizens, they have no rights, and soon they will no longer pollute our schools." Before I knew it he had a measuring tape around my head. He quickly marked it and held it up triumphantly to the class. "You see! Inferior species. Head to small, no room for brains, a close relative to the vermin in our gutters.""~ Daniel's Story

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Carol Matas

The theme

The important subject of Daniel's Story is how man can be so cruel to man.


  • quarantine: a state of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed

  • crematoria: a furnace or establishment for the incineration of corpses

  • ghetto: a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups

A significant Event

A very important and tragic event that happened, was when Auntie Leah and Mia died. That day the Nazi soldiers brought everyone out. Those who were healthy went to the left and ones that would be no use were sent to the right. Daniel's family had hide Erika and Frederick in the cup board, because they were weaker then the younger ones. So once they had everyone down they started choosing. Auntie Leah and Mia had been sent to the left, where they were safe, but her younger children were sent to the right. When they were called Auntie Leah ran after them and said that she wasn't going to leave them. The soldier didn't care and shot her. Mia ran over to her dead mother, where she was shot too and the younger children.

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By: Sydney Bradford