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April 27, 2020

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

I would like to thank the many parents who showed up in virtual spaces last week to learn more about your child's development at CDS. I'm sure it felt a little strange to video conference with teachers, but I hope you found it informative nonetheless.

If there were any teachers who you wanted to meet with but didn't get the chance, please feel free to make an appointment with them at a later date. We'd also like to extend a special thanks to the high school students from the Interpreter Club for helping our parents and teachers understand one another.

If you didn't get the chance yet I would invite you to visit the Digital PTC Displays we sent out for each grade via SMS last week. We thought sending out grade level Padlet links was a great way to highlight the fantastic online teaching, learning, and student work that continues despite the campus being closed. PTC Displays include audio, video, and other digital displays of lessons and student work products. Please take a look when you have time!

On Friday our entire staff was collaborating with a focus on e-learning and assessment during Term 5. Although we are usually physically all in the building, this day was largely completed remotely. It was really great to see our entire secondary school on the same Zoom call! (Image above)

Students -- CCs will return beginning next week for anyone who would like to participate! Please take a look at the offerings further on in this week's MS Newsletter. You will have time to discuss them on Wednesday in morning House. Sign-ups will take place this Wednesday after House through the end of the day on Thursday.

Lastly, many thanks to Ms. Choo, Ms. Carley, Mr. Cool, and Mr. Bray for hosting an online version of Battle of the Books for grade 4 and grade 5 students. Students had been preparing for months, and I'm so glad they were able to compete despite not being able to meet physically. Congratulations to all who participated!

Have a great week!

Mr. Scoville

Director of Middle School

**Please scroll down for links to your child’s online learning plans

**자녀분의 온라인 학습계획과 관련하여 아래 링크를 클릭해주세요.

[This week at CDS MS / 이번주 CDS MS]

School-wide Unity Video - Don't Worry Be Happy

Hi Cheongna Dalton School!

We thoroughly enjoyed watching your lip sync video submissions; you showed so much creativity with each of your videos! This is truly a testament to what our community is all about.

There were 105 separate video submissions used in this video. Unfortunately, due to the vast amount of videos submitted (we had well over 200 videos submitted from our CDS family), we could not utilize each and every video. We wanted to communicate our sincere gratitude for your engagement and participation in this unity project.

Although this is a challenging time, we hope this video goes out into the world as an example of our school's positive character and culture. Please feel free to share this on social media and amongst friends and family.

Thank you again. We hope to see you all again very soon.

CDS Administration

Cheongna Dalton School - Don't Worry Be Happy - Unity Video

Welcome to the SWIP

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CDS Student Wellness Information Page (SWIP)

Students can access to helpful resources

Student wellness is incredibly necessary to focus on because it impacts every aspect of our daily lives. It is important to focus on your mental and physical well being as it is the foundation upon which all other aspirations stem. Recently, COVID-19 has required us to modify the way in which we support our students. At Dalton we want to focus on actively helping to maintain our students' well being, both during times of crisis and normal daily life. This is where the SWIP page comes in! So, take a look around and you will see some information from the student council, SHINE, and various teachers. If you have resources that should be added to this page, or any questions please feel free to contact us!

Battle of the Books

On Wednesday, April 22, grade 4 and 5 students competed in the CDS Battle of the Books 2020. Since this year’s competition with other schools was canceled due to the coronavirus, we held an online competition between the two CDS teams, Phoenix Fire and Phoenix Ice. Congratulations to Phoenix Ice, the winner of this year’s battle!

All students should be proud of themselves for taking on the challenge to read the Battle books and commit to their team. We hope you enjoyed competing and reading some great books!

-Ms. Choo, Ms. Carley, Mr. Cool

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Parent Teacher Conference - Digital Displays

Teachers prepared digital PTC displays for each grade using Padlet. We thought this was a great way to showcase the fantastic learning happening despite the campus being closed.

*Parents - links to the displays were sent though SMS last week. Please take a look if you haven't already done so.

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MS Science Lab with a HS student

For my senior project, I have planned to hold science lab sessions where middle school students could actually try the experiments themselves and learn the science behind it without facing any academic pressure. This was our second session that was done online, and students had the opportunity to make their own oobleck. One of my biggest concerns was to find a way to keep students on track, but luckily the students listened very carefully to the given instructions and asked questions whenever they got curious. When we were done making our own oobleck, we had time to share what we have made to others. The colors of the oobleck varied among students, and it was great to see the students enjoying the lab. I hope my last session could be done in person at our campus with these beautiful middle schoolers :)

- Grade 12 Jeesoo Lee

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[Announcements / 공지사항]

Online TIME Edge publication / 온라인 무료 TIME 기사

TIME Edge publication

Please click the button for more information / 자세한 정보를 위해 버튼을 클릭해주세요

Resources for Reading and Learning at Home

Resources for Reading and Learning

Please click the button for more information / 자세한 정보를 위해 버튼을 클릭해주세요

FLEX Time is back!

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Co-Curriculars (CCs) are Back!!

Hello MS Students!

CCs will return beginning next week for anyone who would like to participate! Please take a look at the offerings. You will have time to discuss them on Wednesday morning in House. Sign-ups will take place Wednesday after House through the end of the day on Thursday.

Library Book Pick-Up


I am thrilled that you all will be checking out books...they have been lonely at school without you! To check out books, please fill out this form. Make sure to read all the instructions, like which day you are allowed to come and pick up your books. Also, when you do come, return the books that you currently have. Many students want to read the same books so once you have finished one, return it so someone else can read it!

The picture below shows how you will pick up your books. Come in through the main doors and you will immediately see a table with the books. The big blue box is where you should drop off your return books. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email (

Happy reading!

- Ms. Carley

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Give Us Hope Project

The Guide Tracks for the Give Us Hope Project have been produced and are ready for students to use them to practice with and eventually record their final video for our virtual choir.

Treble 1 Guide Video

Treble 2 Guide Video

Treble 3 Guide Video

When all the parts are put together, the piece should sound something like this.

There are 10 guidelines that must be in place in order to have a successful video.


  1. You must listen and perfectly match the guide track distributed by Ms. Van Liew. You must sing your assigned part.

  2. Wear your white Dalton polo when you record.

  3. You MUST memorize all of the lyrics. You need to know the song by heart.

  4. Your video must be recorded in a silent space. (Absolutely no background noise allowed please.)

  5. Sit/stand in front of a blank background (solid wall) in a well lit space.

  6. Have the camera set in a Landscape orientation (the phone is set lengthwise). You need to be in the center of the screen and look straight at the camera (not yourself)

  7. Make sure you add the claps in for the last English chorus of the song (when the piano cuts out).

  8. Your video should be about 4 minutes long. If it is shorter, than you probably didn’t record properly.

  9. Make sure you start your video and then listen to the piano accompaniment play. That means you are sitting there in silence for about 20 seconds.

  10. Follow the directions on the guide track and do exactly what it says at the right time. (You will plug your headphones in after the sync tone.)

For more information read the Give Us Hope New Instructions.

Submission for videos is May 10.

- Ms. Van Liew

Give Us Hope 3 Parts
CDS Continuity of Learning Plan

Click the button to review our plans to ensure learning continues despite campus closure

**Our Continuity of Learning Plan (linked above) was adapted from the collective best practices of several international schools in Asia including The American School in Japan. We thank these schools for making their plans public.

Attendance Expectations for E-Learning

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E-Learning Class Schedules 5A - 8B

Click to see the e-learning schedule for your House for April 2020

Distance Learning Plan 4.20-4.24

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