The Frontier

November 10, 2017

Upcoming Events

Mon 11/13 - Parent Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL

Tues 11/14 - BB (8) v Hill*

Wed 11/15 - WR @ Jefferson

Thur 11/16 - BB (8) v Kennedy*

*All sporting events start at approximately 4:00 depending on team's arrival

General News

Jason Segel at Gregory

Jason Segel was at Gregory today to deliver a great message to our 7th and 8th-grade students. He talked about when he was growing up as a 6'4" 12-year-old, he sometimes felt awkward. He stressed to our students the importance of "embracing their awkward" and "finding their tribe". He also encouraged our students not to be afraid to try something that scares them because "when you're done, you can feel brave!" The students were excited, engaged, and truly fantastic.

All students who purchase a book were able to meet and have their picture taken with Mr. Segel by a professional photographer. It truly was a fantastic morning. A big thanks to Mrs. Bevan.

Conferences Monday - Do you have a scheduled conference?

HERE is a document that will help you navigate the PowerPTC website to determine if and when your conferences are scheduled.

Free Event at WVHS - National Geographic Explorer

We are excited to share with you an awesome opportunity (FREE event) for the community on November 17 at WVHS. A National Geographic Explorer will be giving a presentation (lots of video) about how he discovered Spinosaurus in the middle of the Sahara desert. He is a comparative anatomist and paleontologist that did his post doc at U Chicago.

This presentation and is a fabulous story about how he fell in love with dinosaurs when somebody gave him a book as a kid. He shares how his STEM studies progressed into scientific discoveries through a series of encounters on multiple continents until he found Spinosaurus (a dinosaur larger than T.rex that lived in ancient rivers in areas that are now deserts).

More information HERE

November Parents Use Your Power Newsletter

Understanding Brain Development Can Maximize Decision Making

All of our decisions have consequences. Parents want to help their children make decisions that will have positive consequences. Adolescents are making many of their decisions based on instinctive reactions and since the part of their brain that controls reasoning isn’t fully developed, they often don’t “think through” the consequences before they react. This month’s newsletter provides parents with information about how to guide their child through this exciting developmental stage.

(Español)Entendiendo el Desarrollo del Cerebro Adolescente

Conversations that Count

Every day, we make decisions that can move us closer to our goals or can take us farther away from our goals. Each time we make a decision, we go through a process to determine what the best choice will be. It’s important to practice these skills so that your child will be ready when he/she has to face important decisions. Use this month’s PowerTalk to guide that conversation.

Book Fair

Get in the Game and READ, Pioneers! Gregory’s annual Book Fair is happening NOW until November 14th.

To and From School

With temperatures getting colder, we have seen an increase in car riders. Here is a reminder of our car line procedures.

Car Riders

In the morning, we share the circle drive with our buses. If you are dropping your child off, once you enter the circle drive, please stay to the right (lane closest to the school). Buses will enter the drive and use the left lane until directed to move forward, where they will unload. There will be staff in orange vests directing traffic each morning. Students should exit their vehicles ONLY on the curbside.

Ater school, the circle drive will be closed to all car riders. Our buses will take up both lanes and students will be loading. You may wait for your child in the lot or along Springdale. Buses will depart at approximately 3:10 pm, in which time the drive will reopen to cars.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation in navigating these procedures. We want to make sure that our 900 students get to where they need to go in a timely, but most importantly, safe fashion.

Attend Engage 204 on Nov. 14

You are invited to attend Engage 204, Indian Prairie School District's new community engagement program on November 14 from 7 to 9 pm at Still Middle School, 787 Meadowridge Drive, Aurora. This is the first of a series of Engage 204 sessions hosted by community leaders on behalf of the district. The November 14 meeting will feature a special State of the District presentation by Superintendent Karen Sullivan.

Engage 204 is a collaborative process between the community and District 204 to ensure a strong future for the district and its students. The Engage 204 sessions will explore different aspects of the district, including enrollment, district finances, and other key issues involved in maintaining a successful educational experience for students. Key to the success of this process is the collaboration and discussion between participants. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to share ideas and discuss topics in small groups in order to provide feedback to the Board of Education. All District 204 residents are invited to participate in Engage 204. RSVP is appreciated, but not required at Learn more at

Club and Sports News

Basketball Results v Scullen

8AA lost

8A lost

7AA lost 37-33

7A won 26-21