Marketing Newsletter

Brand consolidation: The answer to OTAs?

December 2 2015

The hotel industry could face further consolidation in the wake of the Marriott/Starwood deal as hotel companies grapple with OTAs.

How Much Should Your 2016 Hotel Marketing Budget Really Be?

December 5 2015

One of the most vexing questions posed to executives in any industry is: "how much should our budget be?

Myanmar, the new, golden land of opportunity for online travel.

December 7 2015

Pulling back the curtains on the Myanmar’s startup scene, Heang Chhor, founder and managing partner of Qualgro ASEAN Fund highlighted tourism, online travel, healthcare, financial services and education as prime opportunities in the emerging market during the Echelon Thailand 2015 conference.

How to handle sales inquiries at hotels

December 9 2015

To avoid leaving money on the table, follow these best practices when it comes to handling hotel sales inquiries.

Prepare for a successful 2016 in the Hospitality industry

December 15 2015

With 2016 fast approaching Guestline (market leaders in property management and distribution systems for hotels) have put together a guide to help owners and operators in the hospitality industry drive sales and operations from their hotel software.

Concord embraces change to expand portfolio