End of First Grade!

-It's been a joy to have you guys in my class this year!


May 24th: Sidewalk Chalk Day (Bring Your Own)

May 25th: Brain Bowl Day (Bring your brilliant self)

May 26th: $1.00 Hat Day

Class Challenge Day


May 30th: Memorial Day! No School

June 1st: Stuffed Buddy/Book Day (Bring your own stuffed buddy and favorite book)
June 2nd: Power Up Day (Bring your own device)

Early Release at 1:00pm

June 3rd: Board Game Day (Bring your favorite board game)

Awards Ceremony

Early Release at 1:00pm -Last Day of School!

Summer Reminders:

Read! Read! Read!

The Sanger Library always has a fun reading program- get involved.

Don't forget we pay to have Tumble Books available so please use it over the summer. These are books that read to the kids, and are accessible by going to the Chisholm Trial Webpage.

Work on Math Facts over the summer as well. Involve your kids learning in everything you do this summer!

Let me know how your summer is going! :)

Stay in Touch!

Please do not hesitate to email me or send me a message throughout the year. I would love to watch my kiddos grow up, and help them succeed in any way I can. :)