Bulldog Brief

We are the Wylie Way! 11/16/15


Our staff family donated $1042.00 to Christian Care Center!!! That is AMAZING and a new CAMPUS RECORD!!! WOOHOO!! WAY TO GO!!! YOUR ROCK!!! You have earned Jeans and/or sweats all week!! Here is one favor - - since we will have so many visitors tomorrow, please wear your jeans. I will repay a sweats day later in the year to make up for tomorrow.

Wednesday is our big Thanksgiving meal, so you may want to dress on the nicer side of sweats/jeans.

**Regarding sweats - I know this may sound silly, but I need to clarify since I am often asked about what is ok. Sweats does not include TIGHTS, spandex, form fitting yoga pants, etc. Please use professional judgement when selecting your outfit, so we can continue to offer these days in the future. THANKS and ENJOY!! You deserve it!

PLCs this week. . .

Teddi is coming!! She will be with us tomorrow for our PLCs and a few modeling sessions. She will be joining each PLC grade level meeting and modeling for 2nd at 7:45 and 1st at 11:15. Please come with your questions, example lesson plan (if available), and guided reading book.

*Please let me know if you have additional needs! Thank you!

Wylie Way Christmas

This year Wylie ISD is hosting it's own Wylie Way Christmas. If you, your family or team are interested in helping a student the tags will be available this Friday. All tags are for WISD students/families. Gifts have to be turned in by December 10. Thank you so much for caring and giving to our very own!

Friday is Pajama Day!!!

Upcoming Assessments

The window for TELPAS samples closes this week. You did a great job with the last collection! Please be timely with turning in your collection:)

I will test 3rd grade CogAT makeups for those who missed last week's test. This should not affect your lab time this week.


G1 U11/13 DPA 11/13


G3 U4 11/18-11/19

G4 U3 11/17-11/18

Social Studies

G4 U2 DPA 11/20


G2 U2 11/19-11/20

G3 U3 11/16-11/20

G4 U3 R/W 11/16-11/20

Thoughts From A Bulldog

"Thoughts From a Bulldog" was created to give you a chance to reflect and to give others a chance to learn from you! Click here to view the updated blog. Be sure to add your email address to follow the blog!

New TECHNO Challenge!

Complete 3 of the activities on the challenge. I will put a paper copy of the challenge in your box. When you complete 3, mark them off on the paper and turn the paper in to my box. Papers will be due by Nov. 30th. Ready, set.....GO!!!
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On the Calendar

11/16 - Tooth Fairy visiting K-2 9:30

11/17 - PLC visits with Teddi

11/18- Thanksgiving Lunch

11/19 - 1st grade field trip

11/19 - 4th grade dress rehearsal - 1:00

11/19 - 4th grade Musical Performance - 7:00 pm

11/20 - Bulldog Boogie

11/20 - Pajama Day