A Modest Proposal

Alcoholism in America

In our country alone, about 6.8% of adults have engaged in heavy drinking and have carried that on with their everyday lives. Alcohol can cause long term damage to the body and takes affect in all the wrong ways. A survey taken in 2014 showed that 86.8% of teens 18 and younger have tried alcohol and about 70% reported they drank in the past six months. Alcoholism is a serious problem that needs a fixing.


Shut down all liquor stores and dump ALL alcohol into a waste area.

How Are We Going to Stop Alcoholism?

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Alcohol comes from the devil, telling us to destroy ourselves. It destroys ourselves and effects the people around us and can risk us loosing everything that means the most to us. To get rid of alcohol once and for all, the government has made a law to dump ALL alcohol into a waste area. All liquor stores, all alcoholic beverages from any store, from any restaurants, etc. in every state in America will be removed at once and dumped. Each state will have a waste area for all the alcohol where they will be broken from the glass and diminished. This act will take some time, but in no time, there will be no more alcoholics in this America destroying there selves for the good of themselves.