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Insurance Company Actuary Analyst

Funyak Insurance Co. is Now Hiring!

Funyak Insurance Co. has a position available for an Actuary Analyst. Funyak Insurance Co., headquarters located in Pittsburgh, PA, with regional offices throughout the country, specializes in different types of insurance. We offer business insurance, consumer household insurance, insurance and non-insurance products directly to automotive retail dealers, and our RoadSide Assistance Program to help drivers when they encounter difficulties on the road.

We are currently looking for an Actuary Analyst in our regional offices of Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colorado, Cedar Springs, Michigan, and Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Our Actuary Analysts analyze statistical information to estimate mortality, accident, sickness, disability and retirement rates for our insurance polices. They also assess the premium rates required and cash reserves and liabilities necessary to ensure payment of future benefits. They also help determine company policy by making contract provisions for each type of insurance, and on some instances, are required to explain new changes in policy directly to customers.

Actuary Analysts are required to have the following education backgrounds:

---A bachelor's degree that included courses in actuarial science, mathematics, relevant statistics, business, finance, economics, insurance, or computer science totaling at least 24 semester hours. This course work must have included a minimum of 12 semester hours of mathematics that included differential and integral calculus and one or more courses in mathematics for which these calculus courses were prerequisites, or

---An appropriate combination of education and experience, i.e., technical work experience in actuarial support work or in mathematics. This education must have included at least 24 semester hours of courses as described above

---Internships are also good for building portfolios.

Starting salary ranges from $50,000 to $64,000 depending on skills and competence level, with a median salary level of $129,000 and reaching up to $257,000, complete with company benefits.