effecting partcipation in sport


our age directly affects our physical maturity and this in turn affects our suitability for certain activities for the folowing reasons...flexibility-  may be quite high in our teens but tends to decrease with age. This can combine with our tendency to put on weight, which can also reduce flexibility.strenghth-  strenghth decreases as we get older, but much younger people will not achieve maximal strenghth untill they are fully grown, in  the late teens or early 20's. this is why weight training is not recommended for certain age groups. oxygen- Oxygen capacity reduces with age and the heart becomes less officiant. the arteries gradually lose their elascicty, increasing blood pressure and reducing blood flow.


there a different catogories for disability...physicalmentalpermanent temporaryfor these different types of disability you will need adapted equipment, adapted sport and disability classification.Facilitiesaccess- doors and doorways have to be wide enough to allow wheelchair access and ramps must be provided.parking- disabled bays must be marked and made available.