Alien's Brochure

By: Jayden Martin

Travel tips for Aliens

Don't kill people, don't get arrested, dress as a human, ride in a car not a UFO, and finally be NORMAL.

Three Ways Humans Regionalize The Earth

  1. Humans regionalize the earth by states.
  2. Humans split the earth by time zones.
  3. Humans split the earth by continents.

Packing list for Aliens

  • Grand Canyon: Bring a camera for pictures, water, and your kids for family time.
  • Sahara Desert: Bring a lot of water, food, a mask to cover your face from the sand storms, a tent, and a UFO.
  • Mount Everest: Bring a winter coat, boots, gloves, hat, backpack with food and water, bottled oxygen, and climbing rope. Optional item to bring is a UFO to fly to the top of the mountain.