Poodle Moths

By: Cheyenne Towry

Scientific name: Diaphora Mendiza

Normal Habitat: Venezuela

Geographical Home: South America.

Body Shape:

There is not much known about the poodle moth. The poodle moth looks like a cross between a poodle and a moth. it has fluffy white hairs that grow out of its body. whether or not that hair is to be used as a weapon or defensive maneuver is yet to be known. It has large black eyes and feelers on its head.

Feeding Habits:

Herbaceous plants

Life Cycle:

The first stage in a poodle moth's life is as an egg. The second stage of the poodles moth's life is as a caterpillar. The third stage in a poodle moth's life is as a pupa or chrysalis. The forth and final stage is when they emerge from their chrysalis and become a moth.