Quality Physical Education

Where does technology fit in?

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Who am I?

Teaching K-5th Grade at Linn Elementary for 9 years

Prior-Sports Director for Dodge City Parks and Recreation-4 years

Executive Member-At-Large and Social Media Co-Chair

Kansas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

2017 USD 443 Elementary Teacher of the Year

2017 Region 1 Semi-Finalist, Kansas Teacher of the Year

2016 Kathy Ermler Technology Award (KAHPERD)

I believe....

  1. In Quality Physical Education!

  2. Building your PLN!

  3. Technology enhances, not replaces!

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What is Quality PE?

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Brain Boost-Moving Targets

Jitterbug-By Friskies

Target-long version

Moving Target

Not as hard as you think!

1. Find your desired images!

2. Open Explain Everything
3. Use 5SGif (or any other GIF maker you are comfortable with)

Endless possibilities! Let's Try!

Sometime vs Anytime

Brain Boost

Hula Hoop Kick

Pic Kids

Click on the QR code below or in your app store look for PicKids

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How do I get this on SeeSaw?

Let's try!

1. With a group, give three examples of Fitness Components.

2. Use PicKids to show your work (with labels).

3. Share on SeeSaw

Brain Boost

Plank/Cone Flip Challenge

Brain Boost

Over, under, around and through


Great for...

1. Teaching nutrition in various foods!

2. Kids love to use it to discover more about food.

3. App scans lables (bar codes) and give a grade, as well as much more info!

*Can look up foods that do not have code.

Technology-Basketball Skills

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QR codes, how do they enhance quality PE?

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Throwing and Catching

Add QR codes!

Differentiate instruction, add excitement!

More Brain Boosts

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Open Physed

Awesome (FREE) curriculum!


KAHPERD-Do you belong?

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