Sally Clarinet Solo

By: Sally Korgho


Tylman Susato was born in the 1500 in Antwerp, Belgium and died in 1561. He was a trumpeter. At first he was in the publisher career. When he was in this career he worked with a lot of music books, and working with them he then realized that he wanted to work with writing music, and so he did that. When he first joined the composer career he was not a good one, but he didn’t care and kept going. Now many many years later people all around the world dance, and play to his music.


Thanks all too Bruce Pearson and Mary Elledge for making it possible to play Renaissance Festival.

Your Song

One cool interesting fact I found out about my song was that it was made in the 1500’s. That was 516 years ago .My great great great great great great grandparents weren't even born yet!


My name is Salmata Korgho long for Sally Korgho. I like to eat chicken, watch netflix, chill at home,and play with my friends R-I-L-E-Y ri to the lee riley my also my friend brooke j linn. I am 14 years of age, and I have a very big personality. I also like playing with my stuffed animals.


  • Moderato- especially as a direction after a tempo marking at a moderate pace.

  • MF- moderately loud.

  • F- Loud

  • P- Soft

  • Accent- Emphasise a note

  • Slur- indicating that the notes it embraces are to be played without separation

  • Tie- is a curved line connecting the heads of two notes of the same pitch and name

  • Multiply Measure Rest-

  • 2/4 time- 2 beats 4 count


I really enjoyed playing my song by myself because its very relaxing. I love the rhythm to it. It was very soothing to play in front of the audience. My song was a bit challenging but once I got to play it it was fun.