Importance of Rainforest

By Doreen Kujji

The importance of Rainforest

Most of the food we eat comes from the Rainforest. Rainforest are very important to us because they provide us with many benefits. Some of the benefits are providing us with Medicine , food and also Oxygen. Most of our medicine comes from the Rainforest, they help doctor's, nurses, and us to cure illness, sickness, and any other kind of problem. Many Scientist have gone to the Madagascar Rainforest looking for the cure for Cancer. Most of our food we eat comes from the Rainforest, the food that are found in the Rainforest are food such as Fruits like banana and Apples and also Chocolate and Coconuts are found. They help us with our daily needs too stay healthy and to survive because without food, we could die.

Also Rainforest provide us with Oxygen, the tree's are the ones who provide us with Oxygen. We need oxygen to stay a live because it helps us breath. Cutting down tree's and destroying the rainforest means that we are loosing Oxygen. Scientist say that the Amazon Rainforest, located in Brazil , is the rainforest that is providing us with Oxygen because it is the largest Rainforest.