Live music with Matthew!

Parables from the 1st Gospel in the New Testament!

Come and listen to some inspiring worship music featuring our very own Matthew! The concert will take place on Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. at the House of Holiness. Tickets are free to all and it will last for about an hour.

Matthew will be singing some of his famous works from his album King of the Jews including:

"Gentile or Jewish?" This is a pop song written about Matthew and how his Jewish background affected the way he wrote his Gospel.

"Seeking an Audience" Matthew composed this great work about his Jewish and Gentile audience. Matthew sings about how he mainly wrote for Jewish, but partly for Gentiles. The reason for this was because many Jewish people of this time were converting to Christianity, as Matthew orates.

"TB" This song is an acronym for "throwback". Matthew wrote this to sing about the time period he wrote his Gospel, which is A.D. 50. He throws his audience back into this time and gives them a sense of what life was like in first century Palestine.

"Christology" Hold onto your chairs because Christology is the #1 selling song of today. Matthew sings about his image of Jesus as the King of the Jews. This song was written to help the Jews get a grasp on what a true Messiah is.

"Animal in the Church" This song depicts the symbol of his Gospel; human and angel. Matthew sings about this symbol about it being one of the four heavenly creatures and how it should not be confused with other beasts.

"Miracles and Parables" Matthew sings about the three miracles within his Gospel that he first recorded. The miracles sang about in this song are about the healing of a blind man, the healing of a mute, and when Peter and his master pay taxes. The parables about the strong man and workers in a vineyard.

"Two Names, One Model" Matthew sings this slow but upbeat song about his model of discipleship, Simon Peter. Simon Peter was a family guy who lived in Galilee as a fisherman. This song is centered around what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus.

After Concert Meet and Greet

Matthew is a Jewish Christian who began his singing career in AD 50 and has since progressed in his musical career. His unique style in songs will pull you in with their underlying lessons and universal truths. Matthew teaches us that we all have a little more to learn about. His songs are mainly aimed at Jewish Christians and Gentiles questioning their faith, but is open to all audiences. He is most recognized through his symbol, the angel.

Get the chance to meet Matthew after his show. Visit our website for more information on how to win a free meet and greet with Matthew. The first ten people to submit all requirements will receive a free meet and greet as well as a complimentary meal with Matthew. All others must pay the full fee. Keep in mind that there are only 25 spots! Be sure to get your meet and greet as soon as you can. You can contact us through our email, Facebook, Twitter, or call us if you have any questions. All of our information is below, good luck!