How to Make a Sentence

What are the parts of a sentence? By: Elizabeth Iliff

Noun Phrases

A noun phrase is a pronoun that has a noun(person place thing or idea) included in front of the noun, that makes the noun a noun phrase.


-The tiny baby

-The puppy

-A little kitten

Verb Phrases

Verb Phrases are like action phrases. A Verb is an action word. There are two types of verbs. These are called Action verbs, like dancing, jumping, singing, running, jump, walk, skip, and linking verbs are like am, is, are, was, were, being, been.


-(Noun phrase)has been tooting loudly- this would be a linking verb

-(Noun phrase)was drinking slowly- this would be a linking verb

-(Noun phrase)purred loudly- this would be an action verb

What are the articles of the English language?

An article from the English language are pronouns, like a, an, and the.


-a hippo

-an ostrich

-the lion

Why is " I " a pronoun?

" I " is a pronoun because it replaces the noun. If you were to get a name , it would be easier to replace it with " I ".


Elizabeth Ashlyn Iliff want's mychal to go to the market.

I want her to go to the market.

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How could an action, and a linking verb differ

An Action verb is where the object is doing something in some sort of way, and a linking verb is where the object is connecting the noun phrase to the verb phrase.


The lion IS roaring really loud

A horse IS neighing in the pasture