The Atomic Catastrophe

By Elijah Mendez

The Second Great War

Did you know the survival chance of a bomber squadron was around 40%? This was because of the risk the bomb in the plane brings. If the bomb were to be shot, It would most likely explode, killing the crew. Bomber planes were a major key of winning battles in World War 2. Especially the ones carrying atomic bombs.

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A Douglas A-20 Bomber plane

What was World War 2?

World War 2 was a war born out of Europe's economic instability from World War Also, another key factor was the goal of Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party. He eventually became the Fuhrer(ruler) of Germany. Hitler believed the Germans were the superior race, and should be treated very Highly. He felt the only way to accomplish this was to eliminate all other races. Hitler decided he couldn't start off his quest for world domination alone, so he created alliances. he allied with Japan, Russia, and Italy. Now with his new friends he invaded and conquered Poland. This act of hostility caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany and their Allies. This was the start of World War 2.

World-Wide Depression

After about Three years of fighting, betrayal, and More Alliances, The United States ended the war by dropping atomic bombs on 2 Japanese military sites: Nagasaki And Hiroshima.

This was done to end the war without having any American solider casualties.However, while the Targets were on military sites, Their were many civilian casualties. The bombs caused death by Impact, Fire, and atomic bombs trademark, radiation. but that's just the beginning. While the war was going on, Adolf Hitler was creating a genocide against Jews. Hitler believed Jews were responsible for The Economy downfall, and should be Eradicated. He took the Jews under his control and put them in the harshest conditions imaginable. On top of all this, the World was both in major economic and emotional depression due to the simple fact of the whole world being in a battle.

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The devastation "Fat Man" (the Nagasaki bomb's codename) caused

Hope in the Rubble

So what now? how does humanity survive these horrors? Well, once the Jews realized they were being hunted, some of them went into hiding. very few actually hid the war out. Others were saved from death/labor camps in the nick of time by the allied forces (U.S, Britain, France, etc.) The Japanese Government decided they've lost far to much and signed a peace treaty. And the people of the world tried their best to keep their hopes up. they played games, read comic books (which were becoming very popular at the time) and anything else to lighten the mood. as the years went on, we eventually rebuilt and forgave each other for our mistakes. Because no matter how terrible things get in this world, humanity will move forward. and we need each other to do that.
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