Nordic News Update

week of Dec 21

Weeks 6 and 7- vacation!

Well, its official we've hit desperate for snow. I have to say the team has been handling the lack of snow and skiing very well. All the hard work over the last month will pay off, it will snow (or Eli will make it for us!), and we will ski eventually.

We are holding practices during the vacation week. We understand, and honor family travel and obligations, but also know that taking 2 weeks off from training can be a real set back. We have tried to create a training schedule that finds a balance between maintaining (and increasing) fitness and allowing time for family and rest. If you are in the area the expectation is that you will attend practice. If you are not, the expectation is that you will workout on your own.

The plan:

Monday- if the snow stays and you have rock skis- let's try to ski in the soccer field. If not we will run on campus. Normal time

Tuesday- carpool to Sleepy Hollow for a run with poles (our middle school team will join us) followed by a proper bombfire (Strack's version of a bonfire) ski sacrifice to Ullr! Pick up at Sleepy Hollow 4:45

Wednesday- BUS to Craftsbury! Leave at 8am, bring both classic and skate skis- return by 2pm

Thursday- no practice workout on your own.

Friday- Sunday- no practice workout on your own.

Monday,Dec 28- Wednesday, Dec 30- meet at Sleepy Hollow at 9am- either skiing or running depending on what mother nature brings us. Other options include traveling to Craftsbury or other locations for snow. We will keep you updated.

Thursday, Dec 31- we are supposed to co-host a race with CHS. I'm pretty sure it won't be happening at CHS! But we are trying to find an alternative location and get a race in. We will make a call on Monday Dec 28th.

Friday- training on your own, maybe waxing in the afternoon

Saturday, Jan 2- we are supposed to co-host a race with CHS at Sleepy Hollow. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Eli can work miracles! We are also looking into some other sites.

Sunday- training on your own

Monday, Jan 4- back at school. we are supposed to co-host a race with CHS at Cochran's. RIght now Cochran's doesn't have any snow. Again we are looking into different options.

Sorry for the vagueness for some of this- lots of this is going to be last minute according to what the weather brings- I'll be updating the webpage daily and probably over loading your email box. Let's hope our bombfire works and we get some snow so we can just ski at Sleepy Hollow !