Have your very own automobile!

Wow! Tell me more!

What is an automobile?

What is an automobile!?!?!? Only the best invention yet! Do you want to show off to your friends? Do you want to show people that you in fact are not a loser? Well this is the invention for you! Imagine going places without walking or relying on that old horse of yours to get you there! Well thanks to Henry Ford the brand new gasoline powered automobile can be yours at the low price of 825.00 it can be yours!
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Who is Henry Ford?

Good question! Henry ford is an American industrialist who started his company named Ford Motor Company. hes worth 188.1 billion (WOW)
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How does it work and where do I buy it?

In the hood the engine runs on gasoline which makes everything run, like the tires, transmission, everything! Go to your nearest dealership today!