Paper For The Web


Perhaps the easiest site for kids to use. Pose questions, get their answers and give them feedback-all on the same page and in real time.

Cheat Sheet

Step 1: Go to Wallwisher.com and hit the log in button to create a new account.

Step 2: Hit the build a wall button to create a new wall.

Step 3: Give your wall a title and description.

Step 4: Hit the wallpaper icon to choose a background for your wall.

Step 5: Hit the privacy icon to dictate who can read and write posts.

Step 6: Hit the address icon to choose a new URL for your wall. (It's best to pick something that is easy for you and your students to remember)

Step 7: Then hit the Create Wall + icon to creat your new wall.

Step 8: Have your students type your wall's address in to the URL bar to join you at your wall.

Step 9: Now students can double click to add post its to the wall and share their thinking by writing, adding a URL, uploading a file or uploading a photograph to the wall.

Step 10: As the manager of the wall, you can move any of the sticky notes your students create by pressing and sliding with your finger. Your students can only move the content they add to the wall.