Causes of the American Revolution



The American Revolution was a war of freedom between Britain and the 13 colonies.

The colonies had to pay taxes for the king on all their shipping good and regular goods. Since Britain had just finished a big war they were low on money so the king decided to tax all goods getting imported and exported. Colonist in the 13 colonies had the rights to declare independence because the king did nothing for the colonist they were all on their own.

Navigation Act

The Navigation Act was made too practice mercantilism in the colonies. There were strict rules that only allowed trade with English and Colonial ships also they had to pay taxes on goods. The brewers got hit the hardest when the Sugar Act went into commission because Alcohol needs sugar to brew. Trade going to another country had to go to England first.
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The Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation Act was created after the French and Indian war in 1763. King George issued this act so he wouldn't have to pay for more troops to protect the citizens from Indian attacks. The colonist were angry at King George because they didn't get the land they fought for.

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act put taxes on all printed paper. The act was created as a way to regain debt from the F and I war. Samuel Adams boycotted certain goods to repeal the act. Samuel Adams created the Sons of Liberty to act against King Georges laws. The Stamp Act Congress decided that only the colonial governments should tax colonies. In response King George put taxes on all goods such as glass, paper, tobacco and more.

Quartering Act

In response to all the protest King George III sent troops to Boston and passed an Act say that all troops must be housed by citizens. The two major issues were that they didn't like having a bunch of armed soldiers with blank warrants.

Townshend Act

The Townshend Act put taxes on paper, glass, tea and much more. In defiance of the act The Daughters of Liberty made their own cloth. After the act was repeal King George put a tax on tea which most Brits love. The Sons of Liberty boycotted and tar and feathered tax collectors.

Boston Massacre

A group of unarmed civilians were protesting when a group of soldiers opened fire on the civilians. Samuel Adams spread the word and got people mad at the soldiers. John Adams supported the soldiers while Samuel Adam hated them.

Tea Act & Boston Tea Part

The Tea act put tax on tea. The colonist did not want to pay Britain. The Sons of Liberty protested by throwing 342 crates of tea overboard a ship. The estimated cost today was over a million dollars US money

Coercive Act

The colonist called the Coercive Act the intolerable Act. 4 new laws that were created because of the Act were that the trade between different countries stopped, it strengthened the quartering, gave Britain control, and no town meetings. They boyotted all the things that were taxed.