Most Wanted: Paramecium Caudatum

By: Mecca Winder♥

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Paramecium Caudatum: Dead Or Alive?

The paramecium Caudatum is a unicellular organism that belongs the genus Paramecium. It could be as long as 0.25mm. They are covered with hair like organelles called cilia.

Crime Committed

The cilia are used in feeding. The pellicle is covered with cilia and has long oral groove. The paramecium Caudatum eat bacteria and other small eukaryotic cells. To get her food the paramecium Caudatum uses their cilia to sweep organisms along with water through the oral groove and to the mouth opening.

Organisms M.O

The paramecium Caudatum uses a spiral path while rotating on the long axis to move through the water. By beating the cilia back and forth the paramecium Caudatum can move through water.


This wanted organism can be found in marine and freshwater environments. They live in water and will not come out onto land.

Be on the look out

Here are some interesting facts that could help us get closer to finding this most wanted organism.

When a paramecium Caudatum is attacked they release a dart like objects from their capsules located on their underside.

Identifying marks

Paramecium Caudatum can be identified by many organelles. The star like organelles called the contract vacuole. The hair like organelles called cilia.