Mentor News

Dripping Springs ISD

February 2017

Checking in...

Things to think about with your mentor or mentee...

  • Elementary: Take some time to prepare together for Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences or Student Led Conferences. Discuss tips on how to make Student Leadership Binders an ongoing process. Talk about how/when to integrate this time seamlessly into your day.
  • Check in with each other on communication with students and their families. Parents and families like to be in the loop on projects and deadlines with students, even if the work is all being done at school. Knowing deadlines helps parents to check in with their students, promoting collaborative partnerships creates a win-win for all.
  • Check in with each other on ADDs. Take a moment to review your documentation towards your goals with each other before meeting with your appraiser in March.
  • Reminder to take a look at the procedures and timeline sent out by Tiffany Duncan. Transfer requests are due by February 10th. Any questions? Talk to an administrator!
  • A couple of the Elementary Campuses have Leadership Days coming up: Dripping Springs - February 23rd and Walnut Springs - February 28th. Mentees this could be an opportunity for you to learn about the Leader in Me program and see what's happening on other campuses - talk to your administrator if you're interested in attending!
  • The winter months can be long... remember to take time for YOU! Talk with your mentee about how you sharpen the saw and/or schedule something fun to do together!

Thoughts, Tips, and Tidbits :)

Would you like to learn the best thing you can do to:

  • Increase your students' academic performance?
  • Decrease negative classroom behaviors?
  • Help develop self-worth and improve student mental health?
  • Reduce your stress as a teacher and grow professionally?

This can all be accomplished by developing better relationships with your students and connecting with them as people :). Talk with your mentee about different things you do to create positive relationships with your students. AND check out the video below of what this teacher does.

Teacher Connects With Each Of His Students By Creating Personalized Handshakes


We appreciate your commitment and want to serve as a mentor of sort to you.

Please feel free to leave us comments, ask questions or give suggestions below. We want this mentoring experience to be as rewarding to you as those you support!

Your Campus Instructional Facilitators (IFs),

Tami Ballard, Amber Daige, Rachel Foreman, Stephanie Love, and Wendy Middleton

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