Cell Analogy

A cell is like a concert...


The job of the cytoskeleton is like a concert building because they are both the framework, it holds organelles in place, and it helps move materials in and out of a cell.


The vacuole is similar to the concession stands in a concert because they both store food, water, and nutrients.


Lysosomes are like the trash cans at a concert because they both break down and store waste.


The nucleus is like the performers or the security guards at a concert because they both run everything and tell the cells or the people what to do.


Mitochondria is similar to the loud music at a concert because the mitochondria provides energy to the cell and the loud music provides energy to the crowd.

Cilia and Flagella

Cilia and flagella are like the fans/crowd at a concert because cilia and flagella have movement and at a concert, everyone is moving around.