Addicted To Her

By: Janet Nichols Lynch


Being obsessed is having such a persistent idea, desire, and emotion towards something or someone, feelings that cannot be gotten rid of by reasoning. For instance, some people may have an addiction to smoking cigarettes.

In this book. My main character Rafa has a crush who he feins for. Better yet, obsessed with. Her name is Monique. He sees her beauty on the outside because of her short clothes and her pounds of make-up. He thinks she's Heaven on earth.

"Monique! She's everything I could ever want. The most beautiful girl in the school. Luscious body of a movie star, sun-toasted skin of an Aztec goddess, flashing eyes like meteorites."

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To be or to betray someone, you take that persons trust and you dis guard it. More like stabbing someone in the back. There could be different definings of betrayal. One quote of betrayal came from Malcolm X “To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.

monique finds ways to betray Rafa. she causes him and her boyfriend luke to have many physical aultercations. monique is a manipulater, but rafa doesn't care........ because he's addicted to her

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"Could Monique have just used me to make Luke jealous? I know what I felt when we were together. It was real. She had to be feeling it, too. Maybe when she saw Luke getting thrashed, her heart went out to him. Monique has a big heart. She felt she had to rescue the underdog."

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Rafa changes himself through out the story to impress Monique. He become less dependent for his family, his grades in school changes drasticaly and he quits his most loved sport. Wrestling. because Monique thinks its a "gay" thing to do. Rafa seems to focus more on her, than focusing on what is more important in life. He has more of an "I do not care" attitude.
"Over an hour later, as we're rolling up the mats, Diego moves alongside me and asks in a low voice, "What's up with you, Rafa?"

"I don't know. It all seems so pointless."

His eyes drop so that he's addressing my painful lower lip. "I told you she'd play ya, man."

"Not Monique. I point to the mat. "This." If Monique doesn't respect wrestling, why should it matter to me?

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After five months of his relationship with his dream girl. Rafa realizes who Monique really is. She's conniving and manipulative. She's beautiful on the outside, on the inside she has the most ugliest attitude ever. Rafa finally has a reality check and sees that's not the girl he needs. Finally. He's free from Moinque.
"We don't have anything more to say to each other. She hugs me good-bye. With my wares draped across my arms and hands, I imagine it feels sort of like hugging a hat rack, but Monique just has to get her hugs in, one way or the other. As she and her latest boyfriend saunter away, he tries to hustle her along, but Monique resists, pulling in the opposite direction. He loses his grip on her hand, and she falls backward. I look away. Something stirs within me and wells up. it's like that surge of strength I feel in a wrestling match, when I know I'm going to win. A weight lifts from my chest like I'm throwing off an opponent, and I feel free."

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