Women of the Renaissance:



Gifts of value that may consist of clothing, jewelry, money and property were given by the bride's family to the male's(1). A dowry was a method by which the female's family could express their social standing in order to attract a male of equal or higher social ranking(2). Another reason why dowries were used was in order to offset the cost of having a wife since upper class women should not be working(3).


Brides are typically married off young in order to ensure bride's virginity as young as 14(1). These young brides are usually married off to men much older than them ( typically in their thirties)(1).
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Due to the fact that young brides married men that were significantly older, widows were a common sight(1). This was that the widow's family must support her financial needs or they can attempt to re-marry the widow by putting together another dowry(1).

By: Cassandra Ugolini