Texas Ayenia


What is it?

  • Texas ayenia is a small shrub and is a member of the chocolate family (Sterculiaceae).
  • Found in the Tx/US territories.
  • Texas ayenia has been found in a variety of alluvial soil types, ranging from heavy clay to fine sandy loam.
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Texas ayenia is a small shrub, typically from 1 to 3 feet (30 to 92 centimeters) in height. The heart-shaped leaves have finely-toothed margins.


Exists in the United States in only one population containing approximately 20 individuals in Hidalgo county, Texas


• Agriculture
• Small genetic pool
• Habitat destruction due to development
• Introduction of non-native pasture grasses
• Herbicides used on pastures
• Irrigation, flood control, dam construction, water pollution, water quality degradation
• Human trampling, collection

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  • There is not much we can do help this plant, scientists are still trying to find a way to keep this plant alive and getting to to repopulate.