TCMS Update

May 31, 2015


  • We made it to June! Can you believe it!? As we start the last month of another school year, thanks for being patient with our students and consistent in supporting our school rules and policies. Our last day for students in June 24 and our end of the year faculty breakfast and last day for staff is June 25.

  • Please be sure to arrive in homeroom at least five minutes before the morning show countdown and record attendance accurately. It helps with supervision, a relaxed morning pace and save a lot of headaches in the main office when we call home for a missing child who was actually in homeroom. If you are running late, please call the main office so we know the coverage plan or can help arrange one.

  • Our June faculty meeting tomorrow will be in the cafeteria at 2:30. Debby Baker will let us know about the new English Language Learners policy and Mike will share how we plan to organize 10th period, along with some other pertinent announcements from me. I have a fall back plan for the "student show case," but let me know if you have any students or student work you would like to share.

  • Be sure to attend the Spring Celebration at Midvale Country Club on Friday, June 4th as we honor TCMS and District Retirees! See Eric Durkee for tickets.

Update Trivia

No Winner Last Week

Paul Bush was the correct answer to the trivia question. He is on the BEF board and was my 5th grade science teacher!

This weeks question: In 1920, who owned the farm property along the creek where our school currently stands.