Nile river


Transportation & Trade

~Nile was their highway

~Some boats were made of papyrus, also had wooden barges & special boats for funerals

~Egypt offered gold, papyrus, linen, high-quality stone (for building) & cattle

~Traded with Middle Estern kingdoms for silver, cedar,oils,horses,copper & lapis lazuii

Calendar / Farming

~ Grain corps were barely & emmer wheat. Also, grew onions, garlic, leeks,beans, lentils, lettuce, cucumbers, melons, dates, figs, pomegrantes

~Flooding was gentle and left a layer of rich, black soil

~Farming year (and calendar) divided into 3 seasons-Inudation (flood), Emergence (planting and growing) and Harvest.

Physical Features

~The Nile is the worlds longest river-4,135 miles

~The Nile flows from south to north

~The Blue Nile and the White Nile come together in the Sudan to form to the Nile in Egypt

~The elevation of the Nile is higher in the south and lower in the north- so Upper Egypt is in the south and Lower Egypt is in the north.

Daily Life

~Homes made of mud bricks and mortar

~Papyrus plant used for baskets, sandals, rope and writing material

~Wealthy families built garden pools and stocked with lotuses and fish. Fresh water was added regularly

~Nile provided water for drinking, bathing, cooking etc.