Weekly Update

Owl #18

A return to HYBRID learning

I am very happy that we will be able to return to our classroom on Tuesday, January 19th for in-person learning. Let's hope that the data in our community continues to trend in the right direction.

Our Clough schedule has been revised for this week only due to the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Cohort 1: Attend in person Tuesday and Wednesday and remotely Thursday and Friday

Cohort 2: Attend remotely Tuesday and Wednesday and in-person Thursday and Friday

In-person specialist classes will be as follows this week:

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Technology

Friday: Library

For your reference, the CLOUGH JANUARY SCHEDULE can be found HERE.

New Schedule

Perhaps you heard that the state is requiring 35 hours of live instruction every two weeks? While our class was pretty close to meeting state expectations, I have revised the schedule once again to provide even more support for students during their remote days.

The district will be launching new schedules across every grade level in the very near future but I would like to pilot our new schedule this week. This way, I can observe student success with the new schedule and make any necessary changes prior to the district formally launching the change. I'd also like to streamline our transition back by eliminating many schedule changes which I believe will make the transition back to the hybrid model a little easier for the students.

You will notice the addition of "concurrent" math and ELA blocks. During these blocks, I will be teaching both the in-person and remote learners simultaneously. My intention is to provide all students with critical direct instruction in mathematics and English language arts during these periods. Remote learners will continue to have I.W.T. blocks during their days that are provided so that students have some time to practice skills and complete assignments while working at their own pace. The students will also meet daily with their cohorts in Prof. Quimby's Zoom room for support in both reading and math daily.

I am attaching two versions of the schedule below. The first is the FULL schedule of in-person, synchronous remote Wednesdays, and remote days. The second schedule is a schedule that students can save to their iPads and use on their remote days. It has Zoom links embedded in it so it should make checking into the right classes easy for them. I will review the schedule changes with them on Tuesday and will check in with them to make sure they understand where they need to be at every turn.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about our new schedule.

FULL hybrid schedule effective 1.19.21

Hybrid Remote Days - Cohort 1

Hybrid Remote Days - Cohort 2

Clough Spirit Days

We will be celebrating Clough spirit next week. Please encourage your student to wear Clough colors (green and white) or Clough spirit wear on Wednesday, Jan. 20, and Friday, Jan. 22nd.

Packing the bag for Hogwarts

  • A fully charged iPad
  • Green Clough folder
  • Wonders Reading/Writing Companion (Unit 1-2) Workbook
  • Chapter 3 - Go Math!
  • 3 Composition Notebooks (Dear Harry, Math, Reading)
  • Pencil box containing things like pencils, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, crayons, etc.
  • A spare mask in a ziplock bag
  • Snack and a water bottle

(Large white binders can stay at home)

Troubleshooting WiFi Issues in the Home

Doug Belshaw offered this handy family-friendly guide on understanding your home wifi. It provides practical tips to understand better the Internet infrastructure in your home and what you can do to improve the quality if you encounter issues. I have used these tips myself!

Staying Connected

Let's continue to stay connected. Please reach out should you have any questions or concerns. Also, always feel free to share triumphs you're noticing in your child. We love hearing stories of growth and increased independence. We are committed to helping your child overcome obstacles and to set and work toward meaningful goals. As a parent myself, I know how tricky navigating parenting during typical days is let alone during a pandemic. Let's continue to keep the dialogue open as we move through the school year. Don't ever hesitate to contact us.