Southwest Region

By: Faith Moise

What states are in the Southwest Region?

This region contains Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Where is it located?

At the bottom of the united states.


If you go in the summer it will be blazing hot. It will be warm even in the winter. Right now they are in a water drought. Rain rain, PLEASE COME!

Famous Citys

This region contains very famous cities including Dallas;Texas, Houston;Texas, Austin;Texas, San Antonio;Texas, Oklahoma City;Oklahoma Stilwater; Oklahoma,Santa Fe New Mexico, Albuquerque; New Mexico, Los Alamos; New Mexico, Chandler; Arizona, Tulsa; Oklahoma, Phoenix, Arizona, Tuson, Arizona
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Texas Airport is home to the largest parking lot! Go Dallas!

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Arizona's grand canyon has over 1 billion years of rock exposed!

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The state of new mexico shares an international border with the country of Mexico

An Oklahoman invented the shopping cart

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They even have an airline named after them!

Why is the southwest the best?

Who doesn't love the accent they have down there? Also they have beautiful attractions AND beaches.