Lion Science

Week of May 4

Field Day 2015

Our team field day will be May 19th from 8:30-12:00. If you would like to volunteer you may sign up for as many events and times as you would like. Please contact Ms. Morehead if you would like to volunteer your time without committing to a specific activity or time.

Each year the enjoyment of field day for each student is greatly influenced by the enthusiasm and excitement of parent volunteers. Thank you for volunteering your time!

You can sign up here:

Here's what we're doing this week in Science...

Monday: Landform Legend

Tuesday: Landform Legend

Wednesday: Cumulative vocab review

Thursday: Vocab review

Friday: Cumulative Vocab TEST

Online Textbook!

I've added our science textbook to our Lion Science website.

Your username is your student ID number and the password is student.