April is here!!!

And boy, are we armed for a month of Success:

- NEW Summer Collection
- Autism Awareness Month and Boutique
- Amazing Sign Up Special (additional £75 of credit for newbies)
- Gorgeous new Hostess Gift (scarf!)
- Double Points for Glam Getaway contest

It really can't get much better!

So HOW are you going to take advantage of all these great new tools & Incentives???

I'm feeling the need for a Badabling Booking Blitz!
Let's fill up our diaries together! This is how it works.... Use the fantastic booking tools available on the Stylist Lounge to warm up your prospective hostesses! Email/text/call and post your results by end Friday, April 11th!
Post your results on our Team FB page, or email me - and I will put your name in a drawing for £50 of Summer Product Credit! That new Cady bracelet would look gorgeous on you.....

Winner to be announced on the 12th April!

Welcome New Stylists!

Carole Golten (sponsored by very lucky me!)

Elizabeth Synnott (sponsored by Sinead Martin)

Karen Daye (sponsored by Sinead Martin)

Leigh Mayburn (sponsored by Lorain Findlay)

Orla Doyle (sponsored by Sinead Martin)

Dominique Piteux (sponsored by Amy Porter Dessaux)

Mireille Elie (sponsored by Amy Porter Desssaux)

Sarah Mechegheb (sponsored by Amy Porter Dessaux)

* Please be sure to ask your sponsor to add you to our Badabling Team Facebook Page!

All new stylists should participate in a 90 minute NST provided by their sponsor or the Head Office.

Huge Shout Out

I am thrilled to share that our very first Badabling Stylist in France has promoted to Senior Stylist - Amy Porter Desssaux! Upon meeting Amy for the first time last year at Hoopla I knew that she was going places....under the fabulous leadership of Tracy Davis she has blossomed into a true leader and in a very short period of time has built a team of 6 ladies in France. From day one Amy has had a consistent pipeline of trunks shows, strong sales on top of having a full time job! Well done Amy, I know this is just the start and I'm watching this space....

Come see the New Summer Collection!

Join us at the Hampstead Team Meeting!
Tuesday April 8th, 7:30 pm where I am thrilled to share that our Managing Direct, Kathleen Mitchell will be attending (so a great opportunity to bring along your prospectives). Detais below-

Dates for your Diary:

April Meeting: Tuesday, 8th April 7:30pm-9:30pm, Hampstead

May Meeting: Tuesday May 6th, 10:30am till 12:30pm, Michelle's House Bushey

The first 30 minutes will be a MSD (Meet Stella & Dot) so bring your prospectives!


Our biggest and best event of the year!

September 12-14th


Michelle Allen, £5,974

Sinead Martin, £3,378

Leigh Maybury, £2,707 (and Leigh only signed up last month!!!)

Tracy Davis, £2,618

Abby Wood, £1,716

Dominique Piteaux, £1,604 (and Dominique only just signed-up!)

Amy Porter Dessaux, £1,563

Keri Heatlie, £1,026

Sarah Mechegheb, £1,015 (who has also just signed-up!)

Laura McCann, £1,104

Well done Ladies!!!

One to One Coaching!

As you guys know, my door is always open and if you are looking for a little help, direction, or additional support, I'm available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for one-to-one, 30 minute coaching calls! I'd love to hear from you!!!

Michelle x