Bowman NJHS

NJHS. Helping the community

NJHS meeting

During our NJHS meeting we discussed the t-shirt we picked. The batman t-shirt design had the most votes. The t-shirt an the dues cost $20 bring the ASAP by Wednesday or Thursday! Did you sign up for Remind101? The number is +1 (469) 518-4335 in the text box type @6e650 and click send

Every first Wednesday of the month

The next meeting is going to be on October 2, but officers meet October 1st in the morning! The meetings are held at room 621


NJHS builds character

If members have questions

Feel free to ask any NJHS officer or Mrs.Lucas (in the ISS room).

What is NJHS

If your child is part of NJHS, it means they exceeded the standard level. Your child was picked from a small percentage of people I join the Bowman NJHS. Being apart of NJHS means you MUST do 7 hours of community service per semester, and keep your grades up! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns email mrs.lucas at