F. Scott Fitzgerald

The 1920s


On September 24, 1896, F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was born in a family of writers. His cousin wrote the lyrics to 'the star-spangled Banner'

His family was Irish catholic and they worked as wholesale grocers.

After he graduated from Newman School in 1913, he decided to live in New Jersey. And he worked on his artistic skills.

In 1917 he dropped out of his current school to join the army, but before he ever even was trained, the war ended.

F.Scott Fitzgerald became a short story and novel writer. He never became popular with any of his writings. It was after his death that people started to recognized his works.

His most famous work right now is ‘The Great Gatsby’ a story in the 1920 with it’s biggest team ‘The American Dream’.

In Fitzgeralds College years he started to drink more and he became an alcoholic and struggled with depression.


- F. Scott Fitzgerald was the first person to describe the 1920s so detailed and perfect in a novel.

- His biggest hit was The Great Gatsby which is still a book that High School students read in their English classes. So even today 74years after his dead he is still teaching us with his books.

Mini BIO - F. Scott Fitzgerald


1. Why did F. Scott Fitzgerald have to leave college after 3 years?

2. Why did he move to Frence?

3. What was the last novel he wrote?

F. Scott Fitzgerald by Elvire Faas