DC Staff Update

8 March 2015

I'm grateful this week for...

Those staff who have given up their time this week to support the Year 8 & 9 camps. Being away from home and taking on the role of in loco parentis, is a huge commitment and responsibility. Here's hoping the camps go well, the weather is sunny, and everyone comes back safely at the end of the week.

Digital Acceleration Review

As part of the Digital Acceleration Review the Guiding Statements working party has been reviewing existing DC statements around DIL (Digital & Information Literacies) and researching IB and other school statements in this area. Relevance to our DC vision and our strategic plant priorities have also been considered.

The following statement is the result of this process and is a refined and shorter version of the original DC DIL guiding statement created by the DIL curriculum group back in 2012. The working party would appreciate if you could provide brief feedback on this statement by filling in the 5 minute survey below.



This is a reminder of the procedure for booking the Theatre and theatre support (audio and lighting) sent to staff last week.

Saran Lashley is our new Theatre technician. She will be taking over the responsibility of setting up the theatre for assemblies and other special events during school hours. The steps you will need to take in order to book the theatre are:
  1. Book the Theatre with Claudia (secondary) or Kristi (primary)
  2. Email Saran saran.lashley@dc.edu.hk requesting what technical support you require (audio, projector, etc) and cc Emily Moran (Head of Drama)

Please be aware that a technician may not be available to stay for the duration of the assembly/event, however, the team will ensure that your requirements are set up and ready to go. Please note that the Grand Piano is not available for assemblies.

If you require any audio or music technical support email Sebastian Falcon and cc Matt Davis (Head of Music).

If you require support from either Saran or Sebastian please try and allow at least 2 weeks notice. Due to the fact that they both have curriculum commitments within their departments, the more notice you provide the more likely your request can be granted.

This week

  • We have a number of visitors this week, including 3 colleagues from Island School tomorrow who are looking at our design to glean ideas for their new school campus. Chris Barr, our new Head of Primary, is at DC this coming Thursday.
  • Best of luck this week to those staff and students away on the Year 8 and Year 9 Camps.
  • John P, Maura, and Matt invite staff to run a St Patrick's Day theme at Friday's morning briefing.
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