Budgeting Presentation!

By:Makayla Trammell


I will be getting my Bachelor Degree at Oklahoma University. It will cost approximately $79,892 to get a bachelor degree not including a dorm room. I will be living in Oklahoma so I will not have to worry about renting a dorm room.Also being a freshmen going into this college there's only about a average of 17 people per class.
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I will be working at Clinical Pathology,Inc.-Oklahoma City sponsored by Sonic Healthcare as a Phlebotomist. My job requires a high school diploma and two years of laboratory training. My hourly pay will be $14.29 hourly and my yearly income will be $27,040.My Gross monthly income (before income tax) will be $2,253 and my Net monthly income (after taxes) will be $1,915 because my income taxes are $4,056.


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I will be buying a Nissan Altima 2010 for the full price of $11,679 and the monthly payments of $164.My car insurance will be with Geico and will cost about $200 a month. The average cost of gas for my car cost $494 monthly.With everything added up monthly for my car it would equal $858.


My house will be located in Ardmore, Oklahoma for the purchase price of $75,000.I will pay $416 a month also my electric company will be Coserv Energy and l will pay a average of $200 a month. My water company will be AQUA and I will pay $160 a month for it, my internet will not be in a bundle with cable it will be with Century Link and cost $50 a month.My insurance will still be with Geico and will be $160 a month and will cover theft,fire,flood,and natural disasters. When I added all of my cost up for my house they all equaled $826 a month.
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Living Expenses

My groceries will be bread,milk,water bottles etc. All of my food will cost only $64.33 a month depending on how many times I will go to the store. Also my phone company will be with Metro Pcs for $30 a month with only 1gb of data. My average amount of money spent on clothing for only one person would be about $38 a month, and when I added everything up for my living it equaled $132.33 a month.
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Family Expenses

In my family me and my husband will be married but will not have any kids so we will not have to worry about child care. For our health insurance we will be going with Medicaid.For only one person on Medicaid it will $96.4 a month depending on what your job will cover on insurance. With everything done monthly we will only have $2.02 left to spend on anything we desire.
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The End!